All Yellow, the town we live in is an opportunity to reimagine some of the taken-for-granted aspects of every-day experience. As the viewer enters the space, they are, perhaps unknowingly, met by the sound of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. From a collection of miniature music boxes, the familiar tune softly fills the space as each box cranks at uniquely under-tempo rates.

Installation Video //
Matchbox Gallery, Rice University (2013)

The music boxes seem to sense the viewer’s presence. As one moves through the space, the rate of the boxes increases as each is approached in turn, as if they are inviting us to take some time to listen.

All Yellow offers us a moment of awareness. A place to go where one can check their day at the door and truly, fully listen. It shows us that, with just a small adjustment to the way we perceive our world, the familiar can once again be unfamiliar, the mundane extraordinary, and the every-day magnificently unique.

November 2013

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Tat2 is a sound driven, mechanical tattooing machine. As an individual discusses the tattoos on their body, aspects of their voice, such as pitch and envelope, are evaluated and interpreted into the values that are sent to two stepper motors. 

Tat2, in a sense, reverses the tattooing process. Traditionally, an individual communicates the idea of an image to an artist who then realizes the image on their body. Here, the description of an existing image is used to create a second image…tattooing the sound of a tattoo.

November 2014

Mark Hirsch 2018 — Santa Barbara, California