portrait of a nation 
audio-visualization, prints
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sculpture << >> installation
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3D printing via liquid crystallization

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ocean carbon flux data visualization

in collaboration with researcher Kelsey Bisson

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ALL YELLOW, the town we live in

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media artist << >> researcher

California-based media artist << >> researcher Mark Hirsch situates his practice at the intersection of computational fabrication, robotics, installation art, and artificial intelligence. His work seeks
poiesisthe activity of bringing something into being that did not exist before
through the implementation of unconventional materials and semi-autonomous processes—in which generated forms and machine behavior embody a meditation on the relationship between explicit computation and unforeseen emergence.

A native of the American Midwest, Hirsch is currently a PhD candidate in the Media Arts & Technology program at UC Santa Barbara. Prior to his doctoral studies, Hirsch completed a bachelor of music at Lawrence University's Conservatory of Music and a master of music at the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.