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[ program notes from composer Robert McClure ]
“untangle my tongue is a piece for fixed media in collaboration with poet, Anne Shaw.  We sent each other small samples of new work for use as material to inspire new words or music. After months of trading work back and forth, the piece was realized. Some sounds in the piece are cicadas, cars/trains, text being read by Anne Shaw and whispered by Hilary Purrington, and various instrumental sounds.

The title is taken from Anne's poem inspired by my sounds, Small Bang Theory.  It directly references that there is text that is altered, distorted, and overlapped.  However, a deeper statement is being made about the current pace of our lives. I am a culprit of this technology and social media-driven lifestyle.  Yet, when I went on walks to record sounds for this piece, I was forced to slow down, listen, and be present and engaged in the sounds around me. 

In 2019, the piece was reimagined with a new video component by media artist Mark Hirsch.”